What Are The React JS Developer Rates In Asia?

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React has become the de facto framework for building user interfaces in the React community. It has a record-breaking download account of 58.99 M and its growing popularity has drawn the attention of many industry giants like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and more.


React Js is one of the most popular frameworks that is used in a variety of interactive applications such as web, mobile, and many other platforms. It is a popular choice for developing front-end apps, as it reduces complexity and helps to maintain code quality. React Js is popular for several reasons, one of which is that it is highly versatile, allowing developers to design scalable applications. The learning curve for React Js is also quite low. This makes it ideal for developers of all skill levels.


React has become the de facto framework for building user interfaces in the React community. It has a record-breaking download account of 58.99M and its growing popularity has drawn the attention of many industry giants like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and more. However, in order to start working on a project, you must first consider hiring a skilled developer within your budget.


Let’s dive into this article and find out more about the cost of hiring React Js developers in Asia.


1. Factors That Affect React JS Development Cost


React JS is a popular front-end framework that is used in a variety of applications. When hiring React developers, keep in mind that there are several factors that will affect the development cost. Below are a few factors:


  • Project Size


The size of the project is a key factor that will directly impact the hourly rates of these developers. Every project will have a unique set of requirements. According to these requirements, you’ll need to hire suitable developers. Depending on the project, the hourly rates of these developers will vary.  React apps tend to be big, in terms of the number of files and complexity. The more complex your project is, the higher the cost will be.


  • Complex Features


If you want to add complex features to your React application, such as in-app purchases and others, you’ll have to think about a number of things. For e.g; the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have a wide range of features. The more features your project has, the higher it’ll cost. This is not to say that there will be no free features. One of the most crucial aspects that will directly link to the development cost is the features. You need to find suitable React developers that have experience in integrating the desired features into the application. As a result, the cost of hiring React developers may vary depending on the developer’s level of experience.


  • Third-Party Integrations


The cost of hiring a developer to build your next React application will differ based on the complexity of your project and the level of third-party integrations. The more third-party integrations your software has, the more complicated it becomes and the greater the expense of hiring a developer. Third-party integrations that are utilized to develop interactive and attractive applications also make use of external libraries. However, sometimes the third-party integration of libraries may sometimes decrease the performance of applications. You could get an estimate of the cost by communicating with other businesses that have hired developers to develop their applications.


  • UI/UX Design


Based on the application’s design, the cost of hiring a React developer will change. If you require a single developer to build a small app, it will be cheaper to hire a developer who specializes in building React apps instead of a developer who can also code in other languages. On the other hand, if you require a team of developers to build a complex application, you’ll need to hire a React developer who knows how to code in other languages and technologies. Basic designs are less expensive to build, while high-end, attractive user interface designs are more costly.


2. Cost To Hire React Js Developers: In-House Vs Remote


The cost of hiring React developers might vary depending on whether you require in-house or remote developers. Recruiting in-house React developers is typically more expensive than hiring remote React developers, as there are several additional costs that must be met in order to complete the hiring process.


Trying to hire an in-house developer can leave you with a lack of suitable candidates, especially if you don’t live in a megapolis with lots of educational institutions. Well-known organizations usually offer better working conditions and bonuses. So if you’re a small company, you’ll need to match the rates offered by these large companies or more. In addition, for each new in-house employee, you’ll have to pay a significant amount in tax, and office expenses are often high too. Hiring specialists will require plenty of paperwork and legal issues concerning employment.


In comparison, when you hire a remote developer, you will only have to pay for the hours worked on the project. You aren’t obligated to pay for vacation time or provide a workplace. In addition, you can choose anyone from any country. You’ll get access to a much larger talent pool than if you were to choose someone in your area. Besides, a senior developer in Asia will cost much less than one in the US. Cost efficiency is one of the most significant differences between an in-house and remote developer.


An in-house developer will typically charge around $81-$100 per hour, while a remote developer will charge an average of $34 per hour. This is the more cost-effective option, especially for small business owners. 


3. Cost To Hire React JS Developers By Region


The cost of hiring React developers vary depending on the developer’s geographical location. You’ll need to adapt to the average salary of developers in the region you choose to hire from. Developer hourly rates may vary depending on the developer’s level of experience. The following statistics have been taken from Glassdoor.


Country Level of experience Hourly rate
Switzerland Junior $41
Middle $42
Senior $56
United Kingdom Junior $18
Middle $23
Senior $33
Germany Junior $24
Middle $28
Senior $35
Netherlands Junior $22
Middle $27
Senior $33
UAE Junior $18
Middle $19
Senior $24
India Junior $3
Middle $6
Senior $11
Philippines Junior $2
Middle $7
Senior $28
Australia Junior $39
Middle $45
Senior $52


Based on the data shown above, Asia appears to be the best region for hiring affordable remote developers. This technical hub offers a lot of benefits. It is home to some of the world’s top outsourcing destinations. India and China are two of the major software development destinations, with the Philippines, Vietnam, and Pakistan emerging as growing markets. One of the key benefits of hiring React JS developers in Asia is excellent value for money.


The table below shows the average developer hourly rates based on different continents:


Junior Senior
North America 61-80 121-140
Latin America 41-60 61-80
Asia Pacific 41-60 81-100
Asia 41-60 81-100
Europe 41-60 81-100
Africa 41-60 81-100



4. How To Find And Hire Remote React JS Developers


  • Direct Contractors 


These nearshore developers work freelance without the intervention of any platform, agency, or employment organization. These developers will use platforms like Linkedin to detail their services. This can save you money on third-party expenses but hiring these contractors can be a tedious task, especially if you know nothing about the region you’re trying to hire from. 


  • Ask For Referrals


Asking for referrals streamlines the recruitment process. This involves using a personal recommendation by an industry contact. You can get recommendations from companies or people who have worked with these developers before. This makes the hiring process less risky. You can interview the referrals and check if they’re a solid fit for your project.


  • Freelance Platforms


Freelancing platforms have grown in popularity in recent years, especially after the rise of COVID-19. There are several websites like Fiverr and Upwork that will make it easier for you to source developers. However, despite its ease of use, you can’t really evaluate the developers’ skills and you’ll also need to pay a fee to the platform. This isn’t the ideal option if you’re considering hiring developers for the long term.


  • Talent Marketplaces


A tech-talent marketplace will match your requirements with the right developers. You do not have to waste time looking for candidates, selecting, and conducting interviews. You’ll simply need to pay the contract fee and there won’t be any additional costs like taxes and training. There are several platforms available for companies wanting to hire React JS developers from Asia. Unicorn.dev is one of the mmost recognized talent platforms within the Asian market. It has its own exclusive talent pool of elite developers. 


All Unicorn Dev talents have at least 5+ years of experience in their area of expertise. These developers are thoroughly vetted by an extensive 5-step vetting process. You will be guaranteed qualified talent and you can work according to flexible contracts. This includes part-time, full-time, or even project-based contracts and you can pay as you go. Therefore hiring from Unicorn Dev involves a minimum commitment. If you find a developer that you’re very pleased with, and that you would want to bring on board your team in the long run, you can even buy him/her off the platform.


Unicorn.Dev ensures that you find the most suitable talent for your project within 24 hours. Once a suitable developer or team has been selected, you’ll be able to communicate with the talent via a private Slack channel. To help cope with the time difference, you will be provided a daily 4-hour time zone overlap. This makes collaboration between you and your remote team easier. Schedule a call here to find out more information and make your Unicorn Dev hire.


5. Factors To Consider When Hiring React JS Developers


  • Technical Skills


When you hire a React Js developer, you need to have a clear understanding of the skills an ideal React Js developer should possess in order to effectively build a project. These React developers need to have 5 primary technical skills. This includes HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React Core Concepts, style, optimization, and testing tools. Developers who have these skills will bring in more skills and knowledge in product development.


  • Expertise in Adjacent Technologies


React app development has become more advanced. Most developers who specialize in building React apps are also skilled in building other kinds of applications using other technologies like JavaScript and HTML. This helps them build complex applications much quicker than developers who solely know how to build React apps. Companies who need to build React apps but don’t want to hire developers who code in other technologies should hire React developers who are also skilled in building complex applications with other development architectures. Hence these React developers need to be skilled in multiple technologies and development architectures. Skilled React developers are experienced in working with MERN Stack and Express to develop full-stack applications.


  • Build Tools


One of the most important factors that product owners should consider when hiring developers is the skill set that the candidate has when building React applications. Some of the most common build tool options are Visual Studio Code, Webpack, Devtools, and NPM. These are all relatively easy to use and provide a variety of benefits for developers who are experienced in these tools. Developers who are experienced in at least one of these build tool options can be considered better candidates than developers who do not have such expertise. 


6. The Cost of Hiring React Developers Based on the Pricing Model


  • Dedicated Team Model


Most companies have been switching to a dedicated team model over the last few years. This model allows employees to work longer hours and interact better with their customers. The dedicated team model has brought benefits for organizations that need teams to work for long hours and for teams that need to be constantly available to work. One of the key benefits of the dedicated team model is that organizations can have their teamwork for longer hours without compromising on the quality of service or the quality of employees’ lives. This is crucial for teams that need to be available 24/7. You can also choose the number of developers you need in your team. This model is best suited for organizations with special requirements and features in their application development. However, the dedicated team model requires an increased investment by the organization, so it may not be suitable for smaller organizations.


  • Fixed Price Model


The fixed price model is mainly used when you have a fixed budget, requirements, and deadline. This model doesn’t have any criteria for changes incurred during the development process, as all the requirements are stated before the development of React Js application. The developer will always quote the same price regardless of the complexity or size of the project. This is a great option when you don’t have much experience when hiring developers. This way you can be sure that you get exactly what you need. The fixed price model is best suited for projects small in size with minimal features.


  • Experience-Based Model


The experience of the developer can affect the cost as well. When you proceed with the React development process, you’ll have to make a decision to hire the right resources to cater to your project needs. The cost may vary depending on the technical expertise required by the project. Based on your requirements, you’ll have to shortlist and hire React developers, as more experience will cost you more. For instance:


    • Junior React developer – These developers are basically beginners with 1 to 3 years of experience and they are able to handle all the basic development skills. You can add these junior React developers to a team of senior developers if you need help. They can help experienced developers with tasks and debugging.
    • Mid-level React developer – These developers have around 3 to 5 years of experience and may have expertise in specific development tasks.
    • Senior React developer – These developers have experience of 5 to 7 years or maybe more. They are well-versed in building and coding complete React apps with third-party integrations. This includes even debugging activities.


  • Time And Material Model


The time and material model is one of the most flexible business models in terms of both budget and project specifications. This model is suitable if project specifications are changed frequently. The total cost of the project is determined by the amount of time and effort spent on implementing the functionality. However, the actual budget may vary from the estimated cost, so it can be bigger than the estimate. Usually, the work is billed on a monthly basis based on the work done during the billable period in line with the company rates. Both parties will have to agree upon the time taken to complete the project. 


With Unicorn.Dev, the flat rate for hiring its senior developers is $35/hr and you’re offered a 7-day risk-free trial for all of its talent. If you aren’t satisfied with the developer, you can ask for a replacement or get a refund right away. In addition, the project will be constantly supervised for optimum quality and timely delivery.


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